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Communicate with Success

 Malabar Studio is a space designed with you in mind. With us, you're given the opportunity to let your ability to communicate–a critical part of what defines us as human beings–to flourish. 

 With our workshops personally tailored for you and oriented around creative thinking, you'll develop effective communication skills all while learning English.


About Us

- Maria Gutierrez, Founder

 We're a team of enthusiastic specialists with over 30 years experience with a firm belief that all people, have the capacity to improve themselves using their own to hands to create and understand their best possible self. We arrived in Bilbao in December of 2018 to expand our operations. After being based in Canada for over 20 years, where we launched our highly successful sister company "Derivative Solutions" through which we developed a reputation as "brokers of innovation". Today we bring you years of research and success stories from our clients. Working in conjunction with Harvard University, we've created Malabar Studio Creative Thinking: a space centered around creative thinking and designed to offer our unprecedented methodology to aid you or your company "communicate with success" and learn English in the process. We've dubbed our methodology the DCTL®Deliberate Creative Thinking and Learning method. You'll be amazed at how our method and workshops will help you improve your performance both at school and at work, office, business and in your life. Our mission is YOU!


Creativity is Personal


Our Four Guiding Principles

Our motto: "Communicate with success", helps outline what differentiates our learning supplement from others. We all learn something new every day, as is part of life, but when it comes to communicating with certainty, clearly and with power, we constantly find ourselves limited in doing so. Why? It's Simple, to "generate opportunities for success" is an objectively difficult ability. Is a lack of communication skills not a pressing concern for you? Your company and your children?

Below are our guiding principles that are achievable and simple, and will help supplement your or your company's communicative ability. 

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Engagement     Tracking

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Making it asthetically pleasing

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Combining intrinsic and extrinsic motivations

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In a simple manner

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How can you affiliate with us at Malabar?


Malabar Studio is a space dedicated to helping you create an "even" better version of yourself. We're dedicated to guiding you toward better communication, to thinking creatively and with intuition, to welcome curiosity and forge your present and future goals, achievements and talents!


Your needs are unique and the whole of your skills should be developed with the right, fun, techniques.



Why Join us at Malabar?

 Preparing for the future requires creativity and self-confidence...skills not commonly taught in a traditional classroom.
Despite the personal nature of one's creativity and self-confidence, creating a clear and specific mental structure in line with our methodology will both improve your ability to communicate as well as your english. Why wait?

Enroll in the 4-module program via our DCTL 
Method (1 or 2 times a week). Through this program we guarantee the best and most effective process to develop your communication skills and English. Request a quote today and experience your first workshop free.

Children and adults, 6+.

Individual classes for exam prep, tutoring, homework, or job interview prep to secure that job opportunity you've been shooting for. Or maybe your business is at a stage of growth where English and great communication skills are needed. Request a quote! We here to help!

We've designed a unique workshop to help women entrepreneurs or businesswomen to develop presentation skills, job interview tactics and leadership strategies.

Discover your: 

  • "Your powerful self" 

  • "Your personal brand"

  • " Your own unique story" 

  •  "Your leadership style" and action plan

Request a quote! We're here to help!


Creativity is a skill that can be managed and a process that can be learned. To be creative is to take risks, shrug off self-doubt and confronting your fears. 

Creativity is in the hands of communication, the path to success and the future.

Creativity is intelligence having fun

Albert Einstein


Our Four Modules

When you become a member, or, "performer" at Malabar, you'll experience our creative thinking and learning method, which we call DCTL® "deliberate Creative Thinking and Learning." Our method aims to connect to real-world experiences in the form of four modules.


Practical Experience


The Framework of Creative Thinking


The Relevance of the Design


The Connection to the Real World

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Workshops tailored to all ages and needs

Make English a part of your life but with creative, memorable, effective and fun activities


Communicate with clarity, certainty, and power!  


1 or 2 hour sessions

flexible schedule






For children and adults, 6+

Controlled groups of 

6 people. 

In only two months,

you'll wonder why you didn't join earlier!

Speak English! 


Girls Squad

Malabar Studio supports women. 

Women age 16-24.

Special prices for women!

This is a time of your life full of critical decisions! Malabar supports you!


Women Entrepreneurs

Who says learning via creative thinking can't be for adults too?

We offer special prices in support of women entrepreneurs. 

Ever thought of re-taking or improving your english? We provide flexible hours to fit your volatile schedule. 



Improve communication and teamwork within your company.

Our techniques have been used in boardrooms around the world to improve efficiency and collaboration. Does your company have room for improvement? Do you want to secure your company's future for many generations?


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